Infectious Awareables, Inc. (IA) debuted in November of 1997 at the American Public Health Association Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana. IA continues to create innovative, high-impact products designed to promote awareness.

IA is a private corporation and utilizes the services of talented artists, manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.


Our mission is threefold: to generate interest, discussion - even excitement - about serious public health issues which affect us all; to educate and provide pertinent information on these issues; and to attempt, through contributions, to support the efforts of those involved in research and education.

As you may have already guessed, Infectious Awareables, Inc. applies a unique perspective to its mission. Believing that humor can be a powerful educational tool, IA takes a slightly irreverent approach to some very serious subjects. To reach a desensitized public already gridlocked on the information superhighway, we focus on innovation, creativity and “smile power”!


IA's philosophy centers on partnerships of many types. Whether creating a proprietary design for industry, promotion or fund raising, or providing support for various organizations through contribution of product or donations, we continue to seek out collaborations which provide win-wins for everyone. ASM, APIC, Bayer Corp, Emory University Medical School, Alpha One and The Children's Dental Center are just a few of those with whom we have successfully partnered.

American Society for Microbiology Annual Conference, Los Angeles, 2000

American Society for Microbiology Annual Conference, Los Angeles, 2000


Each year, IA contributes a portion of its proceeds to organizations that are dedicated to research, education or treatment.

Donations made by Infectious Awareables, Inc include:

  • PATH
  • AIDS Project L.A.
  • Christopher Reeve Foundation
  • Y-Me National Breast Cancer Org
  • Children's Hospital of Los Angeles
  • Special Olympics
  • Polio Plus (Rotary International)
  • Central Indiana Prostate Cancer Inc
  • Office Safety and Asepsis Procedures
  • Association for Professionals in Infection Control
  • The Children's Dental Center
  • Andre Agassi Charitable Organization

Read more about our charitable activities.


The President of INFECTIOUS AWAREABLES, INC, is Dr. Roger Freeman. Dr. Freeman is a dentist by education, having practiced privately for nearly 30 years. Today he brings his years of experience in health care, prevention and entrepreneurism to this exciting and "infectious" venture. Dr. Freeman works closely with the many sources of information and imagery, varying from academia to the level-three biolaboratory, shepherding the development process from conception to delivery! He takes his work seriously, but is always looking for the "contagious thread of humor" in the process.

...............Wearing Influenza Tie!

...............Wearing Influenza Tie!

Roger Freeman and Elmo

Roger Freeman and Elmo

Felice Freeman

Felice Freeman

At his side from inception has been his wife, and the Business Manager of IA, Felice Freeman. Felice coordinates the complex flow of information and provides the special kind of personal customer service that is increasingly rare. And be prepared - she's not bashful about making recommendations or coordinating your colors. Her attention to detail, not to mention her sense of humor, is likely to infect you permanently.



Biotoons by Dr. Sanja Saftic


Many of our designs and products are a result of input from our friends and customers. We welcome suggestions you may have on product line, as well as how we might serve you better.

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