Foodborne Six


Foodborne Six


Welcome to the IA pathogenic picnic! Chances are, you've made the acquaintance of one or more of these intestinal interlopers, especially if you like your burgers rare, your sushi aged and your venues, suspect.

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For the first time, on any stage, we've invited Six of the most common suspects to show their stuff, creating a veritable rogue's gallery on silk. We figure it's better they be on your tie, than on your fork! Here are a few sobering amuse bouches:

Campylobacter: considered the most common bacterial cause of foodborne illness. Primarily from poultry, estimated to cause over 2 million infections annually in the U.S.

Norwalk virus: arguably the most common viral cause of foodborne illness, gets most headlines when lurking in hotels and cruise ships.

Salmonella: needs no introduction, estimated to cause 600 deaths annually, acquired mainly from beef, poultry, pork and eggs.

E. coli: a common, usually harmless intestinal bacteria, until it morphs into 0157:H7 producing a powerful and potentially lethal toxin. Most infections come from contaminated meat, especially beef, in the form of undercooked ground beef. The bacteria are often spread among the great "unwashed," i.e. from poor handwashing or hygiene habits.

Listeria: not as well-known as Sal and E., but usually more deadly, with infections leading to blood poisoning or meningitis. Mainly a problem with ready-to-eat foods

Shigella: one of the most frequent causes of GI disease in people, nearly 500,000 cases annually in the U.S. Typically originates from food or water contaminated with human or animal waste. Passes easily between people - nursing homes and day-care centers are places where frequent outbreaks occur.

For the "tie-in-the Petrie dish" set, this bowtie is part of our exclusive, ever-expanding BioBowª silk bow tie collection! With the help of our Bow-borne creative panel, we offer these awesomely adjustable, 100% silk, butterfly-winged, manual tying, coup de cravat! Thanks to Dr. Mark Dembert for afficianado specs and eagle eye, and to Dr. Timothy Overman for his continuing encouragment in the face of overwhelming obstacles ;)

100% silk 2.5" wings, 36" max length
Manual bow tie, no clip-on wimps!

Images are based on actual scientific images, and are made from highest quality, 100% silk. Designed to complement every wardrobe, from laboratory to boardroom, the patterns represent many of the most serious public health challenges facing our 21st century global community. And some are just for fun!

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these items is donated to research or education.

Need a unique gift? "Dear Dad, Couldn't resist this for your birthday. Not only is it appropriate to your line of work, it also goes with your infectious sense of humor. Hope your birthday is a wonderful one!! Wear it in good health. Love to the birthday boy, Jonna, Matt and all the little bacteria." (Thanks to the Cooper Family)

These silk bow ties make an excellent doctor gift idea, or medical school graduation gift, and are ideal for promoting health awareness.