INFECTIOUS AWAREABLES continually seeks out opportunities for creative partnering. Here are just a few of the ways we work with individuals and organizations. BE CREATIVE! There are "lots of opps" for win-wins here:


Help us with a design, image, or possibly with promotional channels, and in return we will credential the source on the back-of-ties (BOT), and pledge a portion of sales back to your organization or favorite charity.

Custom Designs

See custom designs click here.


Refer us to a Partner, Custom Design Client or distribution outlet: receive the lesser of a million dollars, a commission, or a nice contribution to the charity of your choice. Two out of three's not bad.


Got a Shop? If so, and you're looking for unusual, high-impact accessories, maybe we fit the bill. Currently we market in several small boutiques, many medical and university bookstores, and in campus stores at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and NIH (National Institute of Health).

Contact: Jennifer Kurz 800-252-5966 or 714-489-2230

Note: Our materials are educational and slightly on-edge. They require appropriate display materials to tell the story, and to market within context. Dropping Gonorrhea down in the middle of a department store without the story ~ well, it just doesn't work.

For detailed discussion on these or any other creative partnerships, please email