Here are just a few of the dozens of articles written about us. In fact, if you plug 'Infectious Awareables' into a search engine, you are likely to find hundreds of entries. We're spreading, that's for sure!

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Los Angeles times, Dec 2011

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Hartford Courant, Oct 2007

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USA Weekend, Feb 2005

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Washingington Post, August 2003

A Milder Case of Anthrax
Washington Post, December 2001

Sales of Anthrax Ties Anything But Microscopic
Los Angeles Daily News, November 2001

Infectious Fashions Catch On
The Daily Sentinel, Grand Junction CO, October 2001

Anthrax Scare Spawns Interest in Bio-Fashion
San Jose Mercury, October 2001

Microbe of the Month
Infection Control Today Magazine, September 2001

Is That Gonorrhea You're Wearing?
JANE, November 1999

An Obsession with Disease Turns into Neckwear
GQ Magazine, November 1999

Germ Wearfare
PEOPLE Magazine, September 1999

Infectious Style Is Multiplying
Los Angeles Times, July 26, 1999