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C. difficile Necktie


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Color: Black/Purple

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is a virulent, spore-forming bacillus currently causing serious infections, especially in hospital settings. It is capable of causing intestinal conditions ranging from mild diarrhea to fulminant, potentially fatal colitis. Testing is labor intensive and often inconclusive, and treatment can be problematic. Exposure to antibiotics can lead to what is known as CDAD (C. difficile-associated disease), another instance of a cure causing as much harm as the disease! C. difficile is often transferred to patients via contaminated hands of health care personnel and remains a significant nosocomial (hospital acquired infection - HAI) issue.

A back-of-tie "Awareness Note" and a source citation are incorporated in the pattern design, which reads:

"OSTRIDIUM difficile is a highly contagious bacterium that releases toxins leading to serious and sometimes fatal intestinal conditions. C . difficile is problematic in healthcare settings because it is easily transferred to patients from hands that have touched contaminated surfaces of items."

"Original images courtesy of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA."

Note: IA contributes a portion of proceeds to research, education or support associated with important non-profit public health agencies and organizations.