Infectious Awareables Tie Display

IA has worked with many civic, commercial, retail and non-profit organizations to help spread the word – and help promote sales or enhance marketing efforts.

With over 14 years in the marketplace, IA boasts over 40,000 customers and organizations of record, with the following broad categories representing a cross section of our marketplace:

  • Healthcare professionals: Doctors, nurses, hospitals, clinics
  • Public Health and government Professionals
  • Scientists, especially microbiologists, histologists, biologists, epidemiologists
  • Educators, university, high school level
  • Non-profits, of all description, seeking creative means of fundraising.
  • Business and commercial entities that are always on lookout for “evergreen” (long-lasting), and effective promotional products.
  • “Civilians,” well-dressed and who probably wouldn’t know a nucleus from a cell membrane – but who like the idea of helping spread a timely message, while sporting a particularly handsome accessory. 

Infectious Awareables BioToons

For wholesale inquiries please contact Jennifer Kurz. She has over 12 years of experience in Neckwear sales and will be your new wholesale contact for the Infectious Awareables Line. 

Toll Free: 800-252-5966   Direct: 714-489-2230   Fax: 714-537-0338

Jennifer will make sure all products arrive to you in a timely manner.  Your order will ship within 24 business hours of being placed as long as all items are currently in stock.  She will need to set up your account in her system the first time you place your order but once that is done, submitting orders will be as simple as emailing, calling, or faxing. 

Infectious Awareables 100% Silk Neckties & Scarves

So, if you have a business, organization, catalog or store and would like to consider featuring our neckties and scarves – and if wholesale pricing appeals - please shoot inquiries to Jennifer Kurz,

Also, you might consider a CUSTOM DESIGN, for special campaigns and orders over 200 units. We promise to work overtime to sharpen our pencils!

Here are some examples of recent collaborations which underscore IA’s broad market appeal:

The prestigious Nobel Museum in Stockhom, Sweden; the National Academy of Science in Washington D.C.; Museum of the Rockies; Gulf Coast Emporium.

Government and non-profit agencies:
National Institute of Health (NIH); Share Shop Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); U. of California at San Diego, University of California, Davis; Purdue University.

Infectious Awareables for governments, non-profits, museums, and catalog companies

BioInformatics, Southern Biological (Australia), Bioquote,Ltd (UK), Medical Diagnostic Labs, BD Diagnostics, CPO Advantage

Catalog companies:
Brevis, Glo-Germ, American 3B Scientific, Wild Attire

Non-profit Foundations:
Hepatitis B Foundation, Alpha 1 Foundation, Greenview Hepatitis C Fund, Rotary International and local chapters; OSAP (Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention); California Family Health Care