Our "highest and best" calling! IA has extensive experience in Custom Design, with an exceptional ability to create distinctive wearables that tap into your unique mission.

IA custom designs provide an innovative opportunity to promote awareness, whether it's about your business or organization, or an issue important to your mission, or your heart. Custom Awareables make a powerful and fashionable statement, and keep that statement "front and center" far longer than other promotional items.

The "Learning Note," Credential and Sew-in Label on the reverse side of each tie present additional, novel opportunities to deliver educational, scientific or promotional messages. Whether incorporating a simple logo (ASM), or developing a complex technical design (protein molecule in the Alpha One Anti-Trypsin deficiency), these 100% silk, high-perceived value products are stunning in impact, never failing to impress.

A partial list of customers includes pharma companies such as Roche, Wyeth, Bayer, Aventis; and Bristol-Myers Squibb. The American Society of Microbiology (ASM) and the Alpha-1 Association are further examples of professional and non-profit organizations taking advantage of our expertise.

Here are samples of recent designs. Note the BOTs (Back of Tie notes), Credentials and Sew-in Labels - high visibility locations for lasting impressions.

Infectious Awareables neckties with educational note on the back

Advantages of IA Custom Design

Truly unique. No other company is more meticulous in creating focused and meaningful designs while never forgetting that the end product must ultimately be WEARABLE.

Infectious Awareables custom designed necktie

High Impact. Our accessories can be as visible as you wish to make them. In any case, they are so attractive that they will always be available should the occasion arise. They're simply too handsome to be stashed in a drawer with those "one-meeting wonders."

Create Buzz. Imagine how much conversation these items can generate for your mission, and how varied your audience: reps, donors, customers, executives, giftees, et al. The possibilities are only limited by your ingenuity. And that's where we come in ;)

Perceived Value. Consumers, or customers, are not easily fooled. High value speaks volumes about who you are and what you represent. 100% silk feels good. Better than plastic.

Accuracy. If the science, subject matter or detail is important to you, you can be assured that IA understands the complexities of accurate reproduction and prides itself on staying true to the mission.

Quality. We've never quite understood how an inexpensive ball point pen raises either awareness or perception about a business or organization. We are committed to making IA custom designs "scream" out quality and special attention.

Evergreen. Neckties and scarves, if attractive and stylish, remain a part of one's wardrobe for years. Compare this to other promotional items that usually are stuffed, stacked or "surplused" (a kind description for round-filing).


Custom Design Process

Minimum: 300 Units. Necktie and Scarf designs are separate and distinct.

The process is easy and fun. The hardest part is trying to decide between the several exciting patterns and color combinations that IA provides for the decision/selection.

Here is a snapshot of the process:

  1. Consult with Dr. Roger Freeman/IA on concept and mission.
  2. Client provides slides, micrographs or other art if project is product-specific. (IA has resources, as well.) Original IA artwork readily available for more "free-form" projects.
  3. Review and approve Artwork/Patterns as designed by IA.
  4. Review and select color combinations/artwork for selected Pattern.
  5. Finalize the BOTs (Back of Tie Note and Credentials) for content and accuracy. Decide on other options, such as Sew-in Labels.
  6. Design submitted for manufactured Sample Strike Off (30 days).
  7. Approval or revision of Strike Off.
  8. Final Delivery.
Dr. Roger Freeman
Done! That was easy!!

For the initial design and production, and in order to avoid heart attacks for all parties, please allow about 90 -120 days for the entire process. (A lot depends upon who settles the argument over colors at your office!) Subsequent runs of your finalized design can usually be completed in 3 - 4 weeks. It is possible to reduce the process timeline; however, that's when it ceases to be fun, so plan ahead!


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